Is it normal for your 14 year old girlfriend to want to have sex with you?

Answer Most teens have the urge but that does not mean she wants to go all the way. it's the hormones talking. And girls are just as curious about sex as guys are. 14 is too young though and none of you a... Read More »

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Is it normal i like to bite my girlfriend?

i like to bite mine as well everyone has there own likes and dislikes as everyone is differenthope this helps :)

In Texas can a 19 year old male go to jail for getting his 16 year old girlfriend pregnant after being together for the past 3 years?

I believe there is an age of consent in Texas. I think 16 years old is the cut off. however, i would do some research on it. And from here on out, wrap it up. ok?

What can happen to a 20 year old guy if he got his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant and her parents want to put him in jail?

Answer He can be convicted of a sex crime and put in prison.

Is it normal to fart in front of your wife or girlfriend?

Firstly, it's good to know that your girlfriend finds some humor in your farts and is comfortable enough with you to let some out herself. Secondly, please do not hold your farts in. Save that fo... Read More »