Is it normal for veins to burst…?

Answer Looks like its time for a trip to the doctor Cookie. It could be that you are over straining yourself with the loads you are carrying, or it could be signs of something more severe. However with ... Read More »

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Just before dying from cancer my sister had a big burst of energy like every thing was fine. Is this normal?

My mum was released from hospital to die at home with stage IV ovarian cancer. She died 12 days later. In these days we were actually hoping that she might live a few more weeks or perhaps even mon... Read More »

If you had a burst eardrum that healed and you plan on flying soon will it burst again?

What is the normal procedure at labour ward if water bag burst and the chances to baby to drink the water because my baby was cp baby now?

What do you mean as in CP? Cerebral Palsy? Did the use a suction machine or forceps to help your baby come out? As your baby grew inside of you it had mucus plugs in its nose and mouth, to seal t... Read More »

How Do You Know Your Appendix Burst And What Do You Do?

First of all, if you have any indication that your appendix burst, there is no way, and there should be no reason to try and make the pain go away. Don't take aspirin, don't do anything but go to ... Read More »