Is it normal for pregnancy symptoms to come and go?

Answer Answer It is absolutely normal. If they didn't come and go, they would drive you crazy!

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Is it normal to have implantation bleeding with a few pregnancy symptoms and then no symptoms at all but your period is 4 days late?

Answer At four days late you will only be getting a few symptoms. They will probably come and go as your body surges with hormones. I wouldn't worry unless you experience some bleeding.

Is it normal to have no symptoms during pregnancy?

Every woman is different. We all experience different symtoms and some woman dont experience any symptoms at all.

Is it normal to not have any pregnancy symptoms?

%FOLLOWUPS%AnswerYes, it is very normal not to have any symptoms during pregnancy. Most women don't find out that they're pregnant until they have missed a period. And most of the time women will n... Read More »

Is it normal to have pregnancy symptoms if you are not pregnant?

Some things are the same as when you are pre-menstrual so not it's not strange depending on what symptom we are talking about.