Is it normal for parents to do this?

Answer I am the parent of a 16 year old, and I would never do something like that. But it's your parents' "job" to instill their values on you. They have been brought up to believe a diet of meat (even ... Read More »

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Is this normal found a pair of your underwear in your younger brothers room with cum stains on them I know boys have fantasies with panties but is this normal to masturbate to your sister's underwear?

If it was normal, then your brother would have his OWN pair of underwear, not panties, but still.

Would you hire this handyman Not sure if this is normal...?

R U N A W A Y!!!!!!!Just the fact that they don't want you home is enough to scare me. This tells me that he has something to hide. I am a service electrician. I never have a problem with the... Read More »

Is this normal/ does this happen to anyone else?

I would encourage you to see an eye doctor.I use to stand up and have to stand there as everything went black and would slowly come back with my eyes hurting. I thought the same thing. I thought ... Read More »

Is this normal for a guy (Sorry if this is the wrong section) Can you help me?

Not all guys are like that...People just go through a stage where they raging hormones. I still don't feel they should express, sometimes its best to control it. Stay away from guys like that, they... Read More »