Is it normal for my pregnant dog to leak slime?

Answer It is not unusual for female dogs to produce various forms of discharge during the course of a normal pregnancy. The owner must determine whether the discharge indicates if the female is in distres... Read More »

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Is it normal for a pregnant dog to leak mucus?

Your pregnant dog, or Dam, goes through many exciting changes during her 63 days of pregnancy, including loss of her mucus plug. When the mucus plug comes out of your dog, she will begin to leak mu... Read More »

Is it normal for your breasts to leak after having an abortion or does this mean you are pregnant again?

Answer Yes, it is normal for your breasts to leak after an abortion. Your body thinks you just had a baby. It's your hormones.

Is it normal to have that nipple pain u feel when your pregnant leak colostrum even though you havent breastfed in 8 yrsi did have unprotected sex around ovulation time 2wks ago ive been cramping?

Answer it is normal. with hormone flucuations, there can be pain in the nipples at any given point in time.

Can you be pregnant if you have sex on got a normal period on it's normal time after two weeks from sex?

Answer Yes you can still be pregnant. It would be wise to seek personal medical advice .