Is it normal for kids to have a lack of sleep?

Answer this could be because you were texting or on your computer just before you tried to go to sleep. electronic devices make it harder for our minds to rest so you should put these away at least a half... Read More »

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Information on the Effects of Sleep or Lack of Sleep on School Performance?

Lack of restful sleep leads to impaired memory, concentration problems and a decreased ability to solve mathematical equations. Lack of sleep can be especially rough on students, who need to concen... Read More »

Is it normal to have an irregular sleep schedule?

I'm 13, going on 14. My 'bedtime' is usually midnight, because I can handle that, and I get up at 5am. On weekends or when I don't have school bedtime is the same but I stay up until 5-7am and wake... Read More »

Lack of sleep = Leg cramps ?

Before you go to sleep, sit on the side of the bed, lift your leg straight out in front of you and point your toe out straight. Then you should make circles in the air just with your foot, do not ... Read More »

Can lack of sleep give me a headache?

Yes it can. Also headaches can be causing you not to be sleeping.You really need to see your doctor and have a check up. There could be a number of things going on with your body.nfd!♥