Is it normal for babies to bleed from their gums while teething?

Answer Yes

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Do babies get all over rashes while teething?

I'm taking this from the top of my head and experience: It's probably because of the gas; it happens with coke and sprite and those kinds of drinks. You will drink, and after a while you might burp... Read More »

Can smoking cause your gums to bleed?

On One Hand: Smoking and Periodontal Disease Are LinkedThe American Dental Association (ADA) definitively links smoking with an increased risk of periodontal disease. In fact, in an article publish... Read More »

My gums bleed very badly...cure?

you probably need a deep cleaning, below the gum line.

My gums bleed when I brush my teeth...?

Mine do the same thing even though I brush everyday. I even use the special gingivitis toothpaste but it doesn't do anything. My dentist never really says anything helpful about it. The only thing ... Read More »