Is it normal for an orthodontist to ask for a lump sum before treatment?

Answer hmm.. it's normal that they ask for an initial deposit. but they're not telling you the full price? sounds fishy.. i would look into the company website etc. just to make sure it's legit you know..... Read More »

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I just got braces and my orthodontist wants to remove one of my central incisor teeth. Is the procedure normal?

Oh my gosh, at first I thought you were talking about your top teeth and I was horrified he'd suggest that. XDYes, removing one incisor on the bottom row is normal. I had a LOT of crowding on my bo... Read More »

Why do you get the feeling of a lump in your throat before you cry?

Your sinuses are reacting, and it is a result of a build up of mucous and fluid in your sinus cavity, and causes what is called post-nasal drip, and it collects in the back of your throat, creating... Read More »

Are you supposed to take off your rubber bands before the orthodontist tells you to open your mouth?

Take it off!! I left my bands on once he told me to rip them off

Is a painless lump on the gum of an 11-year-old boy normal if it has been there 4 weeks and hasn't shrunk even after a course of antibiotics from the dentist who thought it was caused by an abscess?

Answer If it is painless then I seriously doubt that it is an abscess? If the antibiotics have not decreased the size then it could very well be just a bony protrusion that is just now developing... Read More »