Is it normal for an infant with a cold to be very sleepy?

Answer Her weight is above average. No need to be unduly worried. Keep a watch on her weight. Encourage her to play outdoor games regularly. All the members of the family should consume healthy diet.

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Metronidazole is making me very this normal?

Yes it is normal, I had the same side effects (mild nausea and tiredness) and my doctor told me to wait it out. After a while the side effects disappeared and I felt fine. If it gets worse (insomni... Read More »

How to Stay Awake when You're Very Sleepy?

Are you very tired, but have to stay awake for something important? Need to finish up on a school/work project or needing some personal time? Hopefully this wikiHow article can help!

I've come down with a pretty bad cold, but is eye pain normal with it?

As another user said yes it's normal for that to happen when someone has a cold. It could also be a sinus infection. Hope you feel better soon. Feel better for Christmas.

Did you feel very tired and sleepy in your first weeks of pregnancy?

I am 6w3d and I am ALWAYS tired and ALWAYS sleepy. I used to go to bed after midnight and get up for work at 6am and be fine- now i go to bed around 8 and need to sleep in until around 7 (11 hours,... Read More »