Is it normal for a woman that is 33 weeks pregnant to feel a lot of pressure after a pelvic exam?

Answer Answer Hey! I remember that! Not only after a digital exam by doc, but after intercourse too. VERY normal. Baby's having a snooze on your pelvis. Enjoy the last few weeks!

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Is it normal to feel pressure when you are about 2-3 weeks pregnant?

Answer Yes, the placenta is growing and moving things out of the way.

What does it mean if your 38 weeks pregnant and have pelvic pressure?

braxton and hicks contractions are usually to blame. I would make an apptmt with my obgyn, though, to ere on the side of caution. Take care T. Hawk

If you have pressure on both sides of your pelvic area but not in the middle and you are ten weeks is this normal?

Answer It can be normal as your uterus is still expanding to accomodate your baby. However if the feeling is painful or out of the normal for you or if it's associated with decreased fetal movemen... Read More »

Is it normal to have pelvic pain at 11 weeks pregnant?

Answer because you have a fetus inside? serious;y-It may be due to relaxin, a hormone produced during preg.