Is it normal for a pregnant womens boobs to peel?

Answer that is unnatural for a women boobs to peel go to your doctor to see what is that cause it.

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Is it normal to be pregnant and not have any change or any discomfort with your boobs?

Answer I did for a long time, I thought something must be wrong when I had no pain, but I was limiting dairy products which was part of the reason, dairy causes a lot of breast pain because the hor... Read More »

How would gential herpes affect a pregnant womens baby?

As long as the baby is in the womb it is fine and when having genital herpes it has to be a C-section. Otherwise there's a big risk the baby gets it in the face and on the body when born. All it ta... Read More »

One of my boobs are bigger than the other is this normal?

Is it normal to wake up with your shirt not covering your boobs?

This can happen to anyone, & in fact, it has happened to me a few times. When you are tossing & turning, it can easily get pulled up more, even if you don't feel or realize it.I don't think anyone ... Read More »