Is it normal for a bee sting to be swollen Will you ever no get stung by a bee?

Answer You have been stung; it is normal to have had some kind of reaction to any sting! I have never been stung by a bee; bees do not tend to sting unless provoked, as the sting is part of their body and... Read More »

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I got stung by hornets and its swollen , is this normal ?

It sounds like a call to your PCP is in order . While some swelling and redness (localized reaction) is normal it should start to subside if you have some benydryl and cortizone cream you can use t... Read More »

Stung by a bee, but not swollen?

What is good for bee sting I walked through a swarm, I was stung 9 times...?

If you are stung by a bee:Call emergency medical services if you have a history of severe reactions to insect stings or if you experience any severe symptoms as described above. Determine if the st... Read More »

I was stung by a yellow jacket and now my hand is very swollen!?

either call your doctor, call an Emergency room...or go to one! Better to be safe! And can prob take more than one dose of benadryl