Is it normal for a 14yo to have a big tummy?

Answer It depends.If you don't drink a lot of water you get bloated because of water retention.So the first step against a big tummy is to drink a lot of water.Other than that,you can do cardio and follow... Read More »

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Is it normal to have hard tummy in 7 weeks pregnant?

Let's hope so, because I'm at 7 weeks, too, and noticed that things are feeling pretty firm. My guess is that our uteruses are getting bigger.

Are tugging sensations in your tummy 1 week before your period normal?

Answer This is so common it could be a symptom of almost anything.You will have to wait another few days and take a pregnancy test before you know if you are pregnant or not.

I am thirty six weeks pregnant and have a lot of tummy and pelvis pain is this normal?

Answer All through pregnancy the hormone progesterone is softening the ligaments to allow the pelvis to move slightly to accommodate the baby's head. Of course the progesterone affects all the li... Read More »

At 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant along with sore breasts and nipples and a bloated tummy and flu like symptoms is it normal to hurt in your abdomin when you cough?

Answer Yes this is normal and it sounds like you have pulled one of your abdominal muscles through coughing too much. But because your at such a early stage in your pregnancy (congratulations BTW)... Read More »