Is it normal for 7 year old son to get croup?

Answer If by "croup" you mean "accroupuncture" than yes. The minimum age is typically between years five and seven.The procedure is very simple, and very safe! The ITT certified technicians will place the... Read More »

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Is it unusual for an 8 year old to get croup Why?

My 8-year-old stepson has croup right now. We were told it is uncommon for a child to get it. He has a history of asthma also. He is on prednisone, singulair, and albuteral.

Can nine to twelve year olds get croup?

I'm an 12 years old and have had croup for as long as i can remember and I have herd other people coughing like me of the same age

Is croup serious in children?

noSometimes it can be. See link below.

I am 15 and i have croup, is this weird?

You do not have croup. If you are under 6 it is croup over 6 it is called bronchitis.