Is it normal for 17 months old baby to do potty 4 times a day?

Answer Hi, I would think that was perfectly normal...If he/she needs to go, then they need to go.. I wouldn't worry too much.

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I am 6 months pregnant and have had a lot of clear thin discharge with a bad odor so much that I have to change my panties 2-3 times a day is this normal?

Answer It is normal to have lots of clear & 'creamy' discharge, to the point where you have to change your underwear, but it shouldn't have a bad odour. You may have an infection brewing, get it c... Read More »

What is the normal weight of a 17 months old baby boy?

It depends: If it is a normal obese baby boy, he would probably weigh upwards of 100 pounds... If it was a normal anorexic baby boy, he might way 5-10 pounds... If it was a normal baby boy, he w... Read More »

Is it normal that my baby's hair is falling out at 3 months?

On One Hand: Natural LossWithin a few months of birth, your baby's hair undergoes dramatic changes. It can change color, change texture and thin out considerably. It is not uncommon for babies to l... Read More »

Im 6 months pregnant and my baby has not move since last nite is that normal?

It is nothing to worry about until you have movement on a regular basis and should keep track. If you notice a lack of movement, you should contact your doctor soon (don't panic this doesn't mean y... Read More »