Is it normal for 16 year old to go to the doctors office alone?

Answer 16-year-olds are near, but not quite yet at the point of assuming full responsibility. You are obviously smart, but that is Not Sufficient until buttressed by ample experience. Legally too, your ... Read More »

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Should twelve year old be left alone all night when he feels very uncomfortable being alone?

No. Not providing appropriate care and supervision for a child constitutes child endangerment, the basis of the factors that can be used to declare a parent unfit. It is unsafe for a child of twelv... Read More »

How can I prevent getting a ***** at the doctors office?

I'm sorry for your problem, I can understand how that can be embarrassing. Try talking to your doctor, even though I know that's the exact opposite of what you want to hear right now -- sorry. But ... Read More »

Mum is taking me to doctors because 'i'm not normal' ?

Eating disorder, which must be severe since you seem to be so clueless about your issues. Glad you are getting checked out.

Would women take me more serious if I had a doctors office?

I like when you sit us in a circle and use your tire iron. Don't change a thing!