Is it necessary to refrigerate olive oil after opening?

Answer Olive oil does not have to be refrigerated after opening. In fact, refrigeration can have a negative affect on the oil, as condensation may develop in the container and mix with the oil, taking awa... Read More »

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What happens if you dont refrigerate after opening a jar of pickles?

lol nothing,.. you can still eat them coz they are fermented and as long as it sits inside the jar its safe to eat.. i ate fermented mango same thing as pickles and i dont put it in fridge sometimes.

Do you need to refrigerate olive oil&balsamic dressing?

It is not necessary to refrigerate a plain olive oil and vinegar dressing. However, if you add other ingredients such as fresh herbs to the dressing, you should then store the dressing in the fridg... Read More »

Will it hurt me to eat butternut squash soup that I forgot to refrigerate after opening?

I wouldn't do it---unless I was starving and it was the only thing I had and couldn't afford to throw it out---cuz it is like a petri dish right now!!!! If I had to eat it--I'd bring it to a boil ... Read More »

Does a bottle of olive oil need to be refrigerated after opening?