Is it necessary to have hazard insurance?

Answer On One Hand: Most of the Time, YesAccording to Mortgage QnA, if you plan to purchase your home by taking out a mortgage, it is highly unlikely that the lender will give you a loan unless you have h... Read More »

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Do I have to inform my hazard insurance carrier if my mortgage is transferred to another lender?

It is the responsibility of the old mortgage company to inform the insurance company holding your hazard insurance policy that the loan has been transferred and have the insurance policy reflect th... Read More »

Is it necessary to have pet insurance?

Caring for your pet is like caring for a member of your family. Among the ways that it is similar is that it can be costly. In that respect, pet insurance can be helpful in offsetting costs.There a... Read More »

Is it necessary to have supplemental insurance for Medicare if you can't afford it?

Answer More than likely you can not afford not to have it! Check it out closely with a reputable agent! 4lifeguild

What is the difference between hazard insurance and homeowners insurance?

Depending on the source, the terms hazard insurance and homeowner's insurance mean the same thing or describe two very different products. Both mortgage and insurance companies use both terms, but ... Read More »