Is it necessary to have a crown on your tooth?

Answer On One Hand: It is Necessary for Certain ConditionsCertain tooth conditions make it necessary for people to get a crown, otherwise known as a cap. Typical reasons are to protect a weak and decayed ... Read More »

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When you get a crown put on your tooth do they numb your tooth?

Is it necessary to have a root canal before getting a crown?

On One Hand: It is Not Always NecessaryIt is not always necessary to get a root canal prior to getting a crown. Crowns are necessary to protect a weakened tooth from breaking, to hold together a cr... Read More »

Can I get Invisalign if I have a tooth with a crown?

Sure. I had Invisalign and had a crown. Never gave it any thought.

Does getting a crown on your tooth hurt?

oh no...hunnie......if u had a root canal years ago...then technically...the tooth is far as the crown process....u will be on local anesthsia and they would remove at least 1-2 mm of sur... Read More »