Is it necessary to have a car seat base?

Answer no kidding!

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Do I Have To You The Base That Comes With The Car Seat?

Read the manual. Most infant seats can be installed baseless, but not all can. Some require the base only at certain weights of the child. We can't tell you what the rules are for you car seat with... Read More »

Why is it necessary to hold the microscope by the base& the arm?

A microscope has many parts and pieces that can end up being very expensive if damaged, broken or cracked. When transporting a microscope, always hold it with one hand on the arm to control the bal... Read More »

Do you really find it necessary to wear a seat belt?

I think wearing seat belts all the time is a crock...I am the only driver of my own car and I don't demand that my passengers wear them.If I ride around in a different car, I don't usually wear the... Read More »

Car Seat Base Safety?

Some infant car seats are designed with a base piece that stays in the car and a seat that can snap in and out of the base. This allows parents to move a sleeping baby in and out of the car without... Read More »