Is it necessary to defragment a macintosh?

Answer On One Hand: Mac OS 9.0, and earlierFile fragmentation is a result of the continual creation and deletion of files, and, over time, it can slow down your machine and take up valuable hard drive spa... Read More »

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Necessary or Not-Necessary: Non-dairy coffee creamer?

I don't have a fridge at work so non-dairy creamer is necessary.

How to Defragment PST?

Microsoft Outlook stores a user's email and other personal data in Personal Storage Table (PST) files. Like other files on a Windows computer, PST files become fragmented over time. Fragmentation m... Read More »

How to Defragment Linux JFS?

All file systems are subject to some level of fragmentation. Most computers that run the Linux operating system do not need defragmenting because the file system has defragmentation codes in place ... Read More »

How to Defragment an iPod?

Defragmenting an iPod can increase its battery life, because the hard disk won't be as active when the iPod is trying to play songs, videos, etc. Note that this is ONLY for iPods with a hard disk, ... Read More »