Is it necessary for your doctor to change your estrogen?

Answer On One Hand: Studies Indicate Estrogen Therapy Has RisksHormonal therapy either combines estrogen and progestin or uses estrogen alone. According to the Mayo Clinic, only women who have had their u... Read More »

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Your doctor is not in the network of your new medical plan but is in your wifes can you continue seeing your doctor under your wife's plan and use yours to see a specialist?

Answer If you are on your wife's insurance policy you ought to be able to see any doctor that is offered by your insurance co.

Is estrogen necessary after menopause?

On One Hand: Dangers of Taking EstrogenEstrogen was routinely prescribed to menopausal women until a clinical trial concluded in 2002 that estrogen therapy increases a woman's risks of acquiring br... Read More »

Is estrogen necessary post menopause?

On One Hand: The Ovaries Stop Producing Estrogen At Menopause.Having low estrogen levels significantly increases a woman's risk of osteoporosis and heart disease and causes symptoms, such as hot fl... Read More »

Is it possible to have your doctor induce your labor 2 weeks before your due date?