Is it necessary for your doctor to change your estrogen?

Answer On One Hand: Studies Indicate Estrogen Therapy Has RisksHormonal therapy either combines estrogen and progestin or uses estrogen alone. According to the Mayo Clinic, only women who have had their u... Read More »

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Which season of doctor who did they change to color?

How can I persuade my Diabetic Doctor to change my insulin?

Get your copy of the "My Visit Planning Tool," a handy pocket-sized booklet sponsored by the Association's Doing Better Initiative. Take this booklet with you to every office visit, and use it to k... Read More »

I will be having eye surgey soon and am thinking of asking the doctor to change the color of that eye.....?

Red, with a cross shaped pupil..............that would be bad azz

How do you change the forth doctor action figure's head?

Just pull it off then press the other one in until it clicks :)