Is it necessary for pizza delivery people to carry commercial auto insurance?

Answer Answer You should insure against non owned and hired auto's even if the business does not own its own vehicles

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What Car Insurance Do I Need to Be a Pizza Delivery Boy?

If you deliver pizzas full or part time, or you are thinking about taking a job as a pizza delivery driver, you may think that your personal auto insurance policy will protect you while you are on ... Read More »

How much money do pizza delivery people make?

According to, as of April 2010, the average pizza delivery person earns $13,000 a year. Pizza delivery people usually earn an hourly wage in addition to tips. Many work only part ti... Read More »

How much auto insurance should i carry?

How much auto insurance you should carry depends upon a variety of factors. Many states have financial responsibility laws that mandate drivers carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. It is ... Read More »

Why carry auto insurance?

Answer First of all it is required by law, everywhere. Second we live in a society where a person is held responsible for the damage that they cause. Since the operation of a vehicle can cause a ... Read More »