Is it natural to stand with your knees locked all the time?

Answer I would say no. Most people always seem to be flexing their knees throughout the day and whilst doing a variety of duties.

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How to Stand Up on Your Knees?

Paddle boarding is a water sport in which you begin on your knees. Once you stand up, you use your paddle to maneuver through the water. Practice enables you to stand up from the kneeling position ... Read More »

Gardeners or others - Do you prefer gardening on your hands and knees or bent over with your butt in the air.?

I have a 'booty scooter' ..... and I need my 'kneeler' .... the booty scooter gets me around, and the kneeler helps me stand up again if I have a job that really needs me close to the ground...... ... Read More »

Does sitting down with your head between your knees help prevent fainting?

yeah it helps me, esp if i can get outside into the fresh air when im feeling faint. Think its because your head is lower than your heart or something like that and fainting is when the blood leave... Read More »

How to Make Your Natural Curls Stand Out?

People don't realize how beautiful their natural hair is. Everyone has a little visible curl in there hair when they step out of the shower. This is how to show it off when it's not dry.