Is it my picture tube Helppppppp?

Answer Not likely, as you say you also lost sound. That would indicate a power supply problem. Some more modern TVs have a monitor system that will shut them down for all sorts of reasons, including false... Read More »

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Is it expensive to replace picture tube in 52" tv?

52 inches is not a normal size for a picture tube, so I doubt that's what you have. However, 52 inches is a common dimension for flat panel TVs such as LCD or plasma. And yes, it's quite expensiv... Read More »

Why picture tube is not use in the liquid crystall display (LCD).. ?

Picture tubes and LCDs are worlds apart.Picture tubes actually fire electrons from a device called an Electron Gun (3 of them) which are molded into the glass structure of the tube.If you have ever... Read More »

How to make an animated GIF for You Tube profile picture?

Though YouTube's Help Center states thatyou're allowed to upload a JPG, GIF, BMPor PNG, the truth is that their "HTML code"for "background images" end up becoming "default.jpg?app=bg&l=....."The sa... Read More »

What is the gas that escapes from the picture tube of a 1986 Zenith color T.V.?

Picture tubes have negative pressure - so if you heard / felt gas it was the picture tube inhaling the air from its surroundings. There is residual gas inside those picture tubes because they are ... Read More »