Is it mean to make 2 cups of tea from one bag?

Answer Nicholas van Hoogenwotsit used to recycle his teabags all the time, and now he's doing rather well in Zimbabwe. Recycling your own water makes you even meaner than him. Next thing we know, you'll b... Read More »

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Any disadvantages if I drink 8 cups of tea instead of 8 cups of water today?

Yes, dehydration. Limit tea to 16 ounces per day on average.

How to Convert Cups of Rice to Cups of Pasta?

Whether you want to change up your favorite casserole recipe or are just trying to use the ingredients on hand, there are times you will need to substitute pasta for rice. Most recipes measure ingr... Read More »

How to Make S'more Cups?

S'more Cups are basically cups made of marshmallow and you pour chocolate in the cup. You will need marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

How to Make Boo Cups?

Create your own miniature ghostly treat in a cup. This is a great Halloween treat for kids or a party.Makes 12 to 16 servings.