Is it me or does the Cap'n Crunch cereal shred up the top of your mouth too?

Answer The secret ingredient is fresh blood. That's what makes it so tasty. Packaging it with vials of blood didn't work because blood more than 5 minutes old ruined the taste. Adding it in the factor... Read More »

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When did captain crunch's crunch berries cereal come out?

Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries made their debut in 1967, four years after the introduction of original Cap'n Crunch. Quaker Oats' official definition of "crunch berries" is purple, green, teal and r... Read More »

How to Make Oat Cereal Crunch?

Here's another thrifty recipe using the familiar oat ring shaped cereal as a snack or breakfast treat.

Is Captain Crunch cereal safe to eat?

On One Hand: It's Not DangerousThe FDA oversees food products like Cap'n Crunch, and would not allow it to reach the market if it were poisonous or otherwise unsafe to eat. It mostly contains corn,... Read More »

What company makes Captain Crunch cereal?

The Quaker Oats company, founded in 1901 by four pioneers of American grain, makes Captain Crunch cereal. Captain Crunch cereal, first sold in 1963 is made with corn flour and oat flour, along with... Read More »