Is it legal to use a radar gun in Washington state?

Answer The use of a radar gun in passenger vehicles is legal in the state of Washington. Vehicles may not use radar guns in Virginia, Washington D.C. and on any military base in the United States. However... Read More »

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Is a handwritten will legal in Washington state?

In the state of Washington, a handwritten will must be signed, dated and witnessed by two legally competent people who are not beneficiaries. One of the witnesses can be a notary public.Source:Was... Read More »

Are ventless gas heaters legal in Washington State?

Vent-free or ventless gas heaters are legal in some parts of Washington State, according to Alternative Heating Info. Check with local government officials for information about a specific town. Al... Read More »

How to Stop a Legal Separation in Washington State?

Washington state law permits a married couple to obtain a legal separation. Pursuant to Washington laws, a legal separation is similar to a divorce. Indeed, there is only one major difference betwe... Read More »

Is underglow lighting legal on a car while moving in Washington state?

The Washington State Patrol enforces Washington Administrative Code Section 204-21-230, which states that after-market lighting cannot be used when a vehicle is in motion on a public road. Undercar... Read More »