Is it legal to use a keylogger on someone?

Answer Keylogger software is legal and you have the right to use it on any computer you own even if someone else uses the computer. You also may install keylogger software legally on someone else's comput... Read More »

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Is it legal to rent my car to someone for a fee?

Sure you can do that. Make sure your insurance covers others driving your car - but it's not illegal.

Is it legal to fly on someone else's ticket?

The Transportation Security Administration does not permit travelers to use someone else's ticket to board a flight. To pass through security, the name on an airline boarding pass must match the id... Read More »

Is it legal to tape record someone?

The laws about taping conversations vary by state. The majority of states permit a person to record a telephone conversation without informing the other party. Other states require two-party consen... Read More »

Is it legal to connect to someone else's wi-fi?

Short answer; no, it's illegal to do so. There's various BBC News articles on the matter which you may wish to check; one of which I've posted.