Is it legal to tow a car using a tow strap in california?

Answer While California law doesn't have a specific statute that deals with tow straps, it does set regulations for towing a car---whether it be by a tow truck, flat bed or another vehicle. The vehicle co... Read More »

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Is it legal to use a tow strap in California?

In California, a towed vehicle must be secured by at least two separate straps, chains or cables to prevent shifting or slipping while being towed. The towing vehicle must also use a drawbar, tongu... Read More »

How to Adjust the Rear Shocks on a Harley Sportster Using a Strap Wrench?

Improperly adjusted rear motorcycle shocks transfer road vibration and bumps directly to the motorcycle rider. The shock pre-load determines the amount of dampening provided by the rear shocks of a... Read More »

Are BB guns legal in California?

BB guns are legal to own in the state of California. However, it is not legal to use them in public places or brandish them as an imitation of an actual weapon.References:California Government: Fir... Read More »

How to Get a Legal Separation in California?

Unlike divorce, legal separation doesn't end a marriage. Legal separation is for couples who want to live apart but aren't willing to end their marriage for religious, financial or other reasons.