Is it legal to share a CD with a friend so that he can put it on his ipod?

Answer Answer Yes Answer Yes, this is called sharing. As long as you are not selling the music, you'll be fine. It's when you make music available to the masses that you could be in trouble.

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If i share with my friend wifi , can i see what they doing?

Not unless you are a professional hacker with advanced and expensive softwarE

Is 360 Share Pro legal?

Yes, the program 360 Share Pro itself is legal, however how you choose to use the program could be illegal. 360 Share Pro is a file sharing program for copyrighted and non-copyrighted material. As ... Read More »

How to Share Accounts on Neopets With a Friend?

Sorry,sharing accounts on Neopets is not allowed.

Why can't I share photo onto friend's timeline?

Its possible that maybe because your two friends arent friends with each other, or that your friend has made it private to a certain people to see only.