Is it legal to set a baby on fire?

Answer well, its wrong

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Are fire pits legal?

Although fire pits are allowed in most areas, the legality of fire pits is determined by state and local regulations. The U.S. Fire Administration provides a search database of local fire departmen... Read More »

Are fire pits legal in Massachusetts?

Fire pits are illegal in Boston, Massachusetts. Other towns and cities in Massachusetts have varying laws. Fire-pit laws should be checked by individuals through the local fire department, police ... Read More »

Are halon fire extinguishers legal?

In the United States it is legal to purchase recycled halon to use in your existing halon system. Halon is no longer manufactured because it is an ozone-depleting substance harmful to the ozone lay... Read More »

Are fire pits legal in Illinois?

Illinois state law bans the open burning of garbage, including in fire pits, unless otherwise noted in local regulations. Whether counties and other local governments throughout the state allow cam... Read More »