Is it legal to roll a softball bat?

Answer "Rolling" a softball bat is a process of illegally accelerating the rate in which a bat is broken in. A player who is caught using a bat that has been doctored in this fashion in an ASA-sanctioned ... Read More »

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What is the legal maximum weight on an ASA softball bat?

The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) does not certify or approve bats based on their weight. Rather, the ASA tests bats scientifically, measuring the speed of the ball coming off the bat as seen ... Read More »

What should be the average length size of a common sushi roll (i.e. California Roll or similar roll)?

The length of the nori sheet, about 8 inches. After it's rolled, then it's sliced to about an inch length before serving.

How to Make Softball Bracelets Out of Softball Threads?

Bracelets made out of the laces of softballs are a great fashion accessory. Not only can you wear them as a bracelet, but many people choose to sport them around their ankles as well. While sports ... Read More »

When you replace your toilet paper you bring it over the top or behind the roll?

Over the top, of course! Same with paper towels!