Is it legal to ride in the trunk of a car?

Answer No you can't ride in the trunk maybe you can in a pick up truck

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What is the legal ride height for a car?

In the United States, the minimum ride height for a vehicle is regulated on a state-by-state basis. Some states have no minimum ride height, while others do provide legal guidelines. For a complete... Read More »

Is it legal to ride in the bed of a truck?

Different states have different regulations regarding whether you can ride in a truck bed. In Ohio, for example, only people over the age of 16 can ride in a pickup bed unless the truck is travelin... Read More »

Is it legal to ride in a truck camper?

The legality of riding in a truck camper depends on the state you are traveling in. Some states have restrictions against individuals riding in truck campers, while other states allow it under cer... Read More »

Is it legal to ride a scooter without a license?

States have different regulations for what age a person has to be to drive a motor scooter or moped. In some states, such as Wisconsin and Missouri, people need to have a driver's license to operat... Read More »