Is it legal to record stuff off the tv with a camera and post it to YouTube ?

Answer It shouldn't be illegal if you give the rights to the correct owner.

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Is it legal to record a vedio camera with tell the person they are being record?

the primary issue is a right to privacy. the local laws vary. California allows taping on public property (roads, sidewalks, parks but not inside houses), or anything clearly visible from public pr... Read More »

How to record stuff off the tv with video camera pefectly...?

Get a capture card for your PC is probably the best way to get content from the TV. Or record to a DVD and put that in your PC.

Can i make videos and post them on youtube with a Nikon camera?

What is the best camera to record youtube HD movies with sound?

Hi Siddarth, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: Since you are new here, and your "what is the best camera" is a common Question on Y!A, the first thing to understand is that "best" is a relative term, d... Read More »