Is it legal to put flyers on car windows?

Answer Although it is illegal to put flyers in people's mailboxes (only federal mail is allowed there), it is legal in most communities to put flyers on people's car windshields. However, most parking lot... Read More »

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Is it legal for my Home Owners Association to place flyers inside your mailbox?

Your question involves: yourself as the designated addressee of the mailboxthe Postal Service, who 'owns' the box (if your question assumes a USPO device)your association (your private democracy's ... Read More »

My copy of Windows XP not legal.?

I don't think you need Media Player to download pict from your camera...if you want to visualize the movies of your Kodak you have to use Real Player...if the pict are on a memory card, buy a SD tr... Read More »

Is oem windows xp software legal?

Windows OEM software is perfectly legal. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. This means that the software is intended to be installed by people building computers. The software is often... Read More »

How to Check If a Copy of Microsoft Windows XP Is Legal?

This is an article that will tell you if a copy of Microsoft Windows is legal. NOTE: This will only work for Windows XP!