Is it legal to put cash in a safe deposit box?

Answer There are no current federal laws that govern what can be kept in a bank safe deposit box. Therefore, cash can be legally kept there. Some banks, however, have rules which may restrict you from kee... Read More »

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Can you put cash in a safe deposit box?

There are no laws against keeping cash in a safe deposit box. Banks may discourage this practice, however, as it potentially keeps cash out of their own reserves, and because it could make them a p... Read More »

How to Store Cash in a Safe Deposit Box?

A safety deposit box is a special storage compartment you can rent at a bank. You can use it to store important documents and items that you do not feel safe keeping in your home. You may even deci... Read More »

Can you deposit cash into an ATM?

Bank-owned automated teller machines (ATM) accept cash deposits. While some banks require you to place your cash into an envelope, some banks, including Bank of America and Chase, allow a user to d... Read More »

Can i put cash in a safety deposit box?

Putting cash in a safe deposit is legal under federal law; however, some banks may have their own rules regarding the contents. Banks generally frown on depositing cash in a safe deposit box for tw... Read More »