Is it legal to purchase wine on Sunday in North Carolina?

Answer According to the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, the state has a "blue law" that makes it illegal to sell alcohol between 2 a.m. and noon on Sunday. As of 2010, you are free t... Read More »

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Can you hunt deer in North Carolina on Sunday?

As of 2010, deer hunting on Sundays in North Carolina is permitted. Hunters must comply with all state laws regarding the type of gun used and must follow all safety regulations.References:North Ca... Read More »

Are radar detectors legal in North Carolina?

Radar detectors are legal in North Carolina for use in non-commerical vehicles. In 2001, a bill to outlaw radar detectors for all vehicles was filed but was never passed. It should be noted that if... Read More »

Is a non-compete agreement legal in North Carolina?

A noncompete agreement is legal and enforceable in North Carolina, if it is properly drafted and tailored. In addition, the agreement is enforceable in equity, providing it is in writing, based on ... Read More »

Is Salvia divinorum legal in North Carolina?

North Carolina made Salvia divinorum illegal to possess, sell or manufacture on December 1, 2009, according to Erowid. However, the state allows the possession of salvia for medical and decorative ... Read More »