Is it legal to play c.d.'s in my resteraunt instead of piped in music?

Answer No, it is not legal. Because you would be using the music for a commercial purpose, i.e. enhancing the environment in your restaurant so you will increase sales and profits, you are required to pa... Read More »

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Is it Legal to Play Radio Stations as Background Music in a Retail Store?

Music playing in the background often is a part of the shopping experience, one of those nice little touches supplied by merchants to make their stores friendly to customers. Many merchants, howeve... Read More »

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What is the BEST BIG CHAIN resteraunt that you have eaten @, AND WHERE?

Macaroni Grill, which is owned by the McDonald's Corporation if I'm not mistaken. They have great Italian and you gotta have a glass of their Chianti with some bread and dipping oil. They have on... Read More »