Is it legal to play c.d.'s in my resteraunt instead of piped in music?

Answer No, it is not legal. Because you would be using the music for a commercial purpose, i.e. enhancing the environment in your restaurant so you will increase sales and profits, you are required to pa... Read More »

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Is it Legal to Play Radio Stations as Background Music in a Retail Store?

Music playing in the background often is a part of the shopping experience, one of those nice little touches supplied by merchants to make their stores friendly to customers. Many merchants, howeve... Read More »

IPhone4 was plugged into an iPulse jukebox The iPhone says charging not supported with accessory and when you click play the music plays through the phone's speaker instead of the iPulse How to fix?

They are very good phones but xperia arc is better than iphone 4 for a little!! --------Arc is better but iPhone 4 is still the best when it comes to OS & Display. Check the sources below

What is best LEGAL music downloading site (cheap, yet legal).?

Legal advantages of owning a house instead of a condominium?

Logically, a 'legal advantage' usually implies that some 'illegal' concern drives the decision about which to buy. There's probably no 'legal' advantage of owning either; but there may be tax adva... Read More »