Is it legal to pay 2 equal people differently for doing the same job?

Answer It depends. If an employer pays one person differently from another for doing a job that is the same, or, in some instances, "substantially" equal--and that difference in pay is based on gender, r... Read More »

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If I got dreadlocks would people look at me differently?

Lmao, depends on how much of a hot mess your dreads will be. All different sizes, all scraggly, Bob Marley style and what not will def get you looks... If they are nice and professionally done,Mill... Read More »

If you took a video/picture of something through a pair of glasses, would different people see differently?

Depends on the glasses power.1. If the glasses are [-] power, myopic (shortsighted) glasses, the image taken will be clear... for everyone...The reason ha..ha.. these days... you've forgotten that... Read More »

Is what my neighbour is doing legal?

LOL do you not have anything better to do on a Thursday morning? At least you made me smile! Thank you!!

Why do some people think they are equal to me when clearly i am superior in all aspects?

I must admit that sometimes I am intimidated by you and my self-defense mechanism is to push back. I try to pump myself up just to keep you from completely dominating me.