Is it legal to make a left turn into the center left turn lane?

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Can you use the center turn lane as a "buffer" when turning left?

It would be nice if the lane markers were there, because that is where the answer would come from.Some times there are lane markers that from right to left consist of a solid line then a dashed lin... Read More »

What is a shared left turn lane?

A shared left turn lane is located in the middle of a two-way road and indicates that both sides of traffic can turn left. Drivers can begin or end left turns in the shared left turn lane.Reference... Read More »

We all know right turn on red is legal, but is a red light left turn at a one-way intersection legal?

it depends on the state youre in. for the most part though, id go w/it being illegal (at least it is in va, md, and pa). i wouldnt take the chance of doing it if i were you.

Why do people turn right in the left hand lane at roundabouts?

It is just peoples simple lack of ignorance of the highway code and I used to be one of them until my daughter, who is taking lessons, came out with "Oh your doing that wrong dad". So being the dad... Read More »