Is it legal to make a copy of a DVD?

Answer Unless you created the movie yourself, it is illegal to make copies of DVDs. This includes DVDs of digital shorts, TV shows and full-length movies. It is illegal even to make a copy for your person... Read More »

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Is it legal to make a copy of a CD?

The U.S. copyright law prohibits unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material. The Recording Industry Association of America has filed lawsuits arguing that it is illegal for someone to copy a... Read More »

Is it legal to make a copy of a Florida driver's license?

It is legal to photocopy a Florida driver's license. All employers are required to fill out an I-9 form for new hires and the federal government states, "Employers may, but are not required to, pho... Read More »

Is it legal to copy XP CD?

On One Hand: It is Legal to Copy a XP CDCopying the Windows XP installation disc to your local computer or to another CD is well within the terms set forth in the Microsoft End User License Agreeme... Read More »

Is it legal to copy software?

You can only legally copy software to make an archival copy for personal use, according to the U.S. Copyright Office. You cannot copy software for resale or any other reason unless explicitly allow... Read More »