Is it legal to have Chinese babies in American orphanage?

Answer U come off friendly then ya'll get close and u say hey will u give me your number if u cant i love 2 give u mine

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When Chinese babies are born do they have a soft spot?

American phones have three letters per number on the number pad. What do the Chinese do?

they will certainly have local language(japanese, chinese,korean) over the number keys...if you buy in those countries..

What does it feel like to have nobody want to adopt you from an orphanage?

Answer This will take imagination. When in a restaurant, the people who talk to you are the waiter and the bus attendants who are all business-like, similar to the attendants of the orphanage. All... Read More »

Are Chinese babies born with a blue bum?

Yes, not only Asian babies, but Native American babies as well. I'm not sure why, but I know that they do for certain, because I'm Native American!:)