Is it legal to haul a trailer&boat in new jersey?

Answer New Jersey allows boat trailers that weigh less than 2.5 tons. Because they don't carry passengers and only incidentally move on the road, boat trailers are exempt from titling. You must still, how... Read More »

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What Is the Legal Age to Get a Job in New Jersey?

You can earn money as a minor in New Jersey regardless of your age, depending on the field in which you work. New Jersey generally follows federal labor law, but many jobs may also require approva... Read More »

Is salvia legal in new jersey?

Although Salvia divinornum is illegal in many U.S. states, it is currently legal in New Jersey. State government has proposed several bills to criminalize the plant, but as of 2010, these bills hav... Read More »

The Legal Colleges in New Jersey?

New Jersey has three law colleges: Rutgers Law at Camden, Rutgers Law at Newark and Seton Hall Law in Newark. Rutgers is a public university, and Seton Hall is a private school. Rutgers Law School ... Read More »

Are bb guns legal in New Jersey?

Yes, BB guns are legal in New Jersey. To purchase a BB gun, an individual must complete the Permit to Purchase a Handgun, and be fingerprinted. To obtain the permit, you must apply at a New Jersey ... Read More »