Is it legal to drive a car without air bags?

Answer All cars built since 1997 are required by federal regulations to have front seat air bags. Cars built prior to 1997 may not have airbags, and there is no law preventing these cars from being driven... Read More »

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Is it legal to drive a car without airbags?

Federal regulations require all cars manufactured after September 1, 1997, to have airbags, but there is no law governing cars manufactured before that date. Some states may require airbags to be o... Read More »

In Missouri would it be legal to test drive a car before purchase with a valid license but without insurance and what would your liability be?

Answer Yes. The car dealer is responsible for insurance when cars are test driven. They only need to make certain the potential driver has a valid license.

How do I remove my super glued shoes from the ceiling without damaging either the ceiling paint or my shoes?

You're going to need to touch up your paint no matter what.If it's a painted wallboard ceiling, hopefully the paint will give way and come right off but it might also tear up the wallboard a little... Read More »

Is it legal for an employer to drop insurance on a new mother without notification and without offering COBRA?

Depends on how many employees the employer has. COBRA applies only to 20 or more in the last year.