Is it legal to drive while wearing a cast?

Answer On One Hand: It's not illegalAccording to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation State Patrol, it is not illegal to drive your car while wearing a cast. A police officer generally cannot pull y... Read More »

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Is it legal to drive a car with a broken leg and a cast on it?

I don't know about legal, but it would be an easy loophole for your insurance to avoid paying if anything happened - unless you've disclosed your injury to them.

Is it legal to ride a bicycle while wearing headphones in Missouri?

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Is it legal in Hungary to ride motorcycle while wearing headphones?

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How to Keep a Cast Dry While Showering?

Keeping your cast dry while showering is necessary because water and other types of moisture can soften the cast, especially if it is primarily made of plaster. A softened cast may not provide the ... Read More »