Is it legal to download videos off youtube?

Answer It's not legal to obtain fansubbed anime in any type of way,be it YT or torrents or DA-Anime.However,people do keep continuing to find ways to get it.

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How to download youtube videos, is it legal?

I don't think it's illegal, but it is possible.…Use this download. Anything from is guaranteed safe with no viruses of spyware and it's really... Read More »

Does anyone know a website where I can download legal music to use on YouTube videos?

If you wanna be totally legit, then use music played by a military band (automatically in the public domain) or search for music in the public domain.

What can I use that actually works to download youtube videos AND to convert youtube videos to MP3s?

It's completely free and you can convert these videos into mp3 also.

YOUTUBE RECORDING Can you download youtube videos in avi format with a free program thanks?