Is it legal to download music from sharity blogs?

Answer On One Hand: It Isn't Legal"Sharity" blogs are sites that allow users to access music that is either out of distribution or available in extremely limited quantity. One user postulates the name's e... Read More »

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What's the best legal music download site, and why?

the best music download site is because you can get anything off of there you can get all of the new music an you can get schoolwork, or you can even get videos , movies

Where can I download music in mp3 format the legal way?

Several are saying iTunes, but these files are not in mp3 format. They are AAC.While iTunes is moving to DRM-free, not everything is.So, if being able to use any device is important, I wouldn't go... Read More »

Is it legal to download music from Rhapsody?

Rhapsody is a completely legal music download site that allows you to listen to tracks for free. In order to download the music you must pay for the track. The royalties then go to pay the artist.S... Read More »

Is it legal to download music from limewire?

LimeWire, which is a peer-to-peer music program, is legal as long as users do not reproduce or share the music in any way.Source:Limewire copyright information