Is it legal to copy music CDs for personal use?

Answer People who purchase music in a hard copy or digital format are legally allowed to make a backup copy for their own personal use. However, it is not legal to copy a CD you didn't purchase. This gene... Read More »

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Can I copy sheet music for personal use?

Copying copyrighted sheet music is illegal. There are some fair use exceptions, such as making copies in an emergency for a performance or copying music that is out of print. In general, you should... Read More »

Is it legal to copy a music CD?

Absolutely. You are allowed to make one backup copy of any CD that you own. You cannot distribute or share that copy with anyone though. That is copyright violation.

Is it legal to copy music CDs from the library?

Music CDs are protected under copyright laws. It is only legal to copy CDs that you have bought, so it is illegal to copy CDs that are borrowed from a library.References:PBS: Copyright Conundrum

Is it legal to convert YouTube Music Videos into MP3 files for personal use?

No, as longs you fully understand personal. When your troubles begin when your version of personal does not match the standard definition of personal. Then large fines and jail time are possible.... Read More »