Is it legal to copy info from wikipedia on your own profit based website?

Answer No, it's not. It's illegal if you don't have an agreement or license with the authors whose work you're copying.Though it's possible you might get away with it if the authors whose work you copy wi... Read More »

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Would Wikipedia be able to fund far more into it's business if it was add based and for profit?

1) Wikipedia would not be the same with ads, neutral point of view would be just destroyed: read more on…2) Wikipedia aims to be neutral: its articles are... Read More »

What are all I need to have to build a website similar to wikipedia Some one give me full info..?

Hi Arpita, first you have to buy a website & domain name. Rest depends upon your intelligence & creativity. The domain providers provide excellent technical help in case you need it. I represent a ... Read More »

Is it Legal to Copy this Website?

No, what you're planning on doing is perfectly legal. Currently drawing styles cannot be copyrighted because the way a person expresses themselves cannot be legal copyrighted as intellectual prope... Read More »

Its legal to take content from wikipedia and put it in my website ?

Check out her for more details:…Can I reuse Wikipedia's content somewhere else?Main page: Wikipedia:Reusing Wikipedia contentWikipedia's textual content i... Read More »